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The types of bows available on the market

There are three main categories in which we can divide the bows available on the market: Olympic (or recurve) bow, compound bow, and traditional bow. Let's take a look at the characteristics of these three types of bows.

Olympic bow:

The Olympic bow, or recurve bow, is probably the most well-known type of bow, if only for the fact that it is the only one allowed in the Olympics (for now. There is talk of the possible inclusion of the compound bow in the 2024 Olympics or later).

It is characterized by a riser to which the limbs are attached. Professional risers are usually made of aluminum or carbon to offer lightness and rigidity. Limbs can be made of wood, foam, or even bamboo.

Of course, to complete the bow, you will need a sight, stabilization, button, and clicker.

Compound bow: 

The compound bow is characterized by the presence of cams, the wheels that allow for greater energy storage and therefore allow the bow to impart greater speed to the arrow. The compound bow is generally more complicated than the Olympic bow when it comes to tuning, so the advice is always to initially seek the guidance of a technician or an experienced archer friend.

The structure of the compound bow is still similar to that of the Olympic bow, with risers and limbs, although the setup is slightly different.

Traditional bow: The traditional bow is perhaps the type of bow that is most fascinating because it takes us back to the origins of bows and arrows. Today, those who want to approach archery from a traditional perspective can choose between take-down, one-piece, and longbow options.


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